Custom Product Manufacturing and Assembly

S&P North America, OEM Products Division offers a range of manufacturing capabilities that provide our customers with a superb value-added product assembly options.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • State-of-the-art CNC laser cutting, punching, and machining
  • Press brake bending of parts up to 10 feet long and ten gages (0.135 inches) thick
  • Metal spinning
  • Metal stamping in a 176-ton press
  • Welding and resistance spot welding
  • Various spray painted finishes
  • Instrumentation and electronic control assembly
  • Wire harness assembly

Value-Added Processes

Prima Power Platino Fiber Laser

The Prima Power Platino Fiber Laser can cut sheets of metal (e.g., steel, aluminum, and stainless steel) at varying angles and dimensions with no Burrs on the cut edge and 0.004-inch accuracy on the cut. Not only can this machine cut metal but it can also engrave the sheet with words, numbers or design based on the production need.

Accurpress Press Brake

The Accurpress Press Brake can bend parts up to 10 feet long and wide with a thickness of 0.135 inches. The capability of this machine will allow for multiple bends, angles, and radii per part.

Denn Spinning Lathe

The Denn Spinning Lathe can spin circles over metal sheets into various shapes, inlets, and bases using a CNC lathe to form an axially symmetric part.

Haas CNC Router

The Haas CNC Router uses a computer numerical control (CNC) to automate the shaping and profiling of parts.

Amada Resistance Welder

The Amada Resistance Welder uses resistance spot welding to join two or more overlapping metal sheets, studs, and nuts to form one solid object.

Trumpf CNC Turret Press

The Trumpf CNC Turret Press uses CNC punching to cut parts out of various types of sheet metal. This press also has the capability of apply an emboss finishing to a flat pattern.

Stamping Press

The Stamping Press can form, trim and pierce sheet metal up to 176 tons.

More Information

Please e-mail or call 973-257-8900 for more information about our custom manufacturing and assembly of products.