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COMPACT Axial Fan Series

COMPACT Duct Axial Fans

Product Models

TCGB / 4-12 / G-B (1260 CFM)
TCGB / 4-16 / G-B (2540 CFM)
TCGB / 4-18 / G-B (3620 CFM)
TCGB / 4-20 / G-B (4750 CFM)

S&P's COMPACT Duct Axial Fans have an extremely compact design created by the combination of an internal rotor motor mated with a direct drive wrap around impeller hub. This low profile design optimizes airflow performance while minimizing noise generation. The duct mounted versions require an absolute minimum depth for any given in-line duct mounted installation.

S&P's COMPACT Duct Axial Fans was designed to be installed within ducted or partially ducted ventilation systems for exhaust or supply air applications. All in-line duct mounting units feature cylindrical flanged casings manufactured from high grade roll galvanized steel plate. The motor and impeller assembly is firmly supported within the casing by a strong steel support frame. All units are supplied with a prewired wiring junction box located on the outside of the fan casing for easy wiring access. This terminal box protects all wiring connections against the ingress of dust and moisture. The entire assembly is protected by a two stage primer and a tough corrosion and UV resistant polyester paint finish.

S&P's COMPACT Duct Axial Fans are designed for use in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial ventilation applications. These units are designed to be installed within ducted systems where the fan is supported on both sides. Typical applications include:

  • Residential – Garage, Loft, Workshop, Basement and Crawl Space Ventilation...
  • Commercial – Offices; Bars, Cafés, Cafeteria and Restaurant Ventilation; Make-Up Air...
  • Industrial – General Ventilation of Factory Spaces, Warehouse Ventilation, Equipment and Machinery Cooling, Air Transfer Applications...
  • Agricultural and Greenhouse – Poultry Shed Ventilation, Greenhouse Ventilation and all other applications where the exhaust of moisture laden air is required.
  • OEM – In addition to many traditional HVAC ventilation applications the COMPACT Axial Fan series can also be incorporated into the design of OEM machinery and equipment to provide ventilation or cooling in applications such as Air Conditioning Condensers, Roof Extract Fans, Portable Cooling Applications and many other applications.

Special versions of the COMPACT Axial Fans are available depending upon the application. Contact your local sales representative for more information about these versions.

1 – TC: COMPACT Duct Axial Fan Reference

2 – G: Plastic Adjustable Impeller - STANDARD
   – B: Aluminum Adjustable Impeller - ENQUIRE

3 – B: Single Phase Motor (120V / 60 Hz)
   – T: Three Phase Motor (220/460V / 60Hz) - ENQUIRE

4 – 4: Speed; Number of Poles

5 – 16: Nominal Blade Diameter in Inches

6 – G: Blade Angle (G for 60Hz)

7 – A: Air Direction
          Form A = Air Over Motor-Impeller
          Form B = Air Over Impeller-Motor

  • All models are fitted with an internal Thermal Overload Protection Device.